This is the kind of place you could hang your hat for a few days and settle in. The view from the main lodge overlooking the river is a knock out. We were picked up from the private dock for a birding tour of the river and saw a couple of lions, scores of hippos and quite a few elephants, all up close and personal from the comfort of our private boat.

Paraa Vehicle Ferry
Murchison River Lodge is located on the south bank, a 20 minute drive from Paraa ferry crossing.  The daily ferry crossing times between the south bank and the north bank (where you game drive) are:-
AM 7, 9, 11
PM 12, 2, 4, 6, 7
Game Drives
Murchison Falls National Park is home to Africa’s best-known plains animals including lion, giraffe, elephant, buffalo, the elusive leopard, and varied antelope.  The number of animals found in the park has risen greatly since the days of Idi Amin and large herds of giraffe and elephant can often be found grazing the savanna lands close to the Delta – just across from the Blue Mountains of the Congo. 
Boat Launch to Murchison Falls
Wild Frontiers run a professional 2-3 hour boat launch to the base of Murchison Falls.  The boat departs in the afternoon at 2:30pm and travels along the River Nile giving you plenty of opportunity to take photos of the varied birdlife and wildlife often found grazing and wallowing at the water’s edge.
To book a seat on the boat please contact Wild Frontiers +256 (0) 773 897275
The UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Authority) also offer boat trips to the Falls +256 (0) 392 881348
Wild Frontiers can provide a return boat transfer from the lodge to connect with their boat launch from Paraa – this is available for US$10 per person.
Boat Cruise to the Delta
This beautiful 3-4 hour launch trip is worth doing, not only for the different and contrasting scenery, but because your chances of seeing the shoebill stork in their papyrus habitat are high.  Wild Frontiers operate these trips and can be contacted for bookings on +256 (0) 773 897275
Wild Frontiers can collect you from the lodge by boat for this activity.

Viewing the the top of Murchison Falls
A safari to Murchison would not be complete without visiting the top of the Falls.  From the rocky pathway above you can stand and watch the River Nile surge through a 7mtr wide gap, crashing 43mtr into the surf directly below, before flowing towards Lake Albert.  There are a few walking trails, the main one takes you down a winding path and along the tree covered water’s edge (this can be done in reverse should you wish to disembark from the boat launch at the base of the Falls and walk up).  We would encourage you to use a guide for any walks in the area.
The River Nile is famous for its fishing, particularly the enormous Nile Perch – 70-80kg fish are not uncommon.   Wild Frontiers offer experienced guides and boats for individuals or groups who are keen to fish these exciting waters.
Uganda is one of the world’s best bird-watching destinations and even non-birder’s will be captivated by the incredible beauty and staggering amount of birdlife found within the lodge and Murchison Falls National Park.  The bird check list of around 450 includes the ground hornbill, secretary birds, black bellied busted, open billed storks and weavers.  Closer to the water you will find swallow tailed bee-eater, red throated bee-eater, woodland king fisher, francolins, grey heron, hornbills – and at the water’s edge ducks, geese, stilts and plovers.   The shoebill stork remains a favourite within the papyrus swamp area around the Delta.
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Rhino can now be found in Uganda, at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary . This 70 square km sanctuary protects 11 rhinos and is a true success story after the extreme poaching that killed the last rhino in Uganda in 1982.  We thoroughly recommend supporting Ziwa by doing the guided walk which gets you “up close and personal” to these special animals.
For more details and bookings please contact +256 (0) 772 713410
Chimp Trekking
Kaniyo Pabidi Forest is 268 square km and the second largest of the four forest blocks within the Budongo Forest Reserve.  It is a magnificent virgin forest containing both mahogany and ironwood trees.  The Budongo forest is famous for its chimpanzees (between 700-800) and morning and afternoon treks can be arranged at Kaniyo Pabidi. Here 6 groups have been habituated, increasing your chance of a close encounter along one of the many guided trails.  Other primates present in the area black & white colobus, blue monkey and baboons.
Community Walk
Murchison River Lodge is outside the National park and so it is possible to take a guided walk around the local community.  Your guide will be one of our staff members, passionate to show you their village, their home and their way of life.  This gentle walk is anything from 2-3 hrs in length and can easily be arranged whilst you are staying at the lodge.  All donations made from the walk go back to the community.   Please remember to ask before taking photos within the village.
Safari VehiclesPlease be advised that we don’t have safari vehicles for hire. Therefore we currently cannot offer game drives.  Most clients staying with us will either have their own vehicle, or be travelling as part of a group or on a scheduled safari.  There are plenty of tour operators and vehicle hire companies who can assist you in reaching Murchison. If you do your research you’ll be absolutely fine.  Alternatively, if you have your own wheels and would like a ranger to accompany you on a game drive please contact the UWA (Ugandan Wildlife Authority) on +256 (0) 392 881348.

Incredible! Murchison River Lodge nestles on the bank above the Nile. Built with care, the habitat remains intact. Birds abound and the dawn chorus is amazing. I was up before sunrise and hot coffee was already waiting in the beautiful outdoor dining area. Got a steaming cup, watched the sunrise over the Nile, and waited for the birds to emerge. Didn’t know which way to point the binoculars, there were so many birds! Needless to say, my coffee got cold because I was so happily engaged in bird watching.